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Who We Are

Q-Stationers Sdn. Bhd. (280869-A) [ QSSB ] was incorporated under the Company’s Act 1965 on 17th June 1997. Since the incorporation on 17th June 1997, the Company had undergone extensive changes, revamp and improvement in the various areas of the Company’s internal business resources enhancement with particular emphasis on its human resource / personnel development with respect to marketing, credit control and management skill to direct and manage the Company towards attaining the desired growth, targets and aspiration of being one of the best producer/provider of innovative and competitively priced stationery products in the stationery industry.

To-date, with the re-engineered group of personnel in place to direct and manage the Company, the Company’s corporate vision and objectives outlined herein above is merely a stepping stone away., and together with the anticipated financial support and aids of the financiers / bankers to provide the needed financial assistant and support in complementing the Company’s working capital requirement arising from the strategic expansionary phase will certainly add value and thrust to ensure that the Company’s visionary expansion objective becomes a reality.

The Company have since grown in size from a humble beginning with just 10 workers operating from a small industrial shop lot trading in selected stationery product items. The Company made inroad into the manufacturing field by initiating its own brand of stationery glue. The brand name “Q-GLUE” is currently one of the renown stationery glue widely used in the consumer market comprising school going children , government and commercial offices ,educational and tertiary institutions, graphics, arts & media and the general public. To-date, its core business activities besides manufacturing , are in wholesales, retail, import and export of a wide range of stationery consumables catering to all strata of the societies. The Company is now operating from a spacious 12,003 sq.ft flatted two-storey factory lot (as seen on photograph above ) which also house its stores/warehouse and also cater as the central administrative hub to its group of associates companies .

Being a small and medium scale producer, the Company’s sales have progressively accented from a megre annual RM1.8 million in 1998 to presently RM6.7 million (financial year 2004) spanning the seven years operation. The Company’s Shareholders Fund in 1998 of RM 106,000 currently stood at RM1.1 million.

Nonetheless, the Company’s progress thus far are largely attributable to the unceasing support and patronage from its established clienteles base and discerning consumers., the accommodation of its creditors in extending a generous credit line with preferred sales and repayment terms are reflective of the trust reciprocating the exemplary track of the Company’s payment discipline established over the years, notwithstanding the. positive good will developed therefrom.

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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of QSSB comprised the following officers and are seasoned entrepreneurs themselves in the commercial / stationery industry and have contributed immensely towards QSSB’s present advancement and direction .

1) Mr. Chai Kin Loong (The Chairman)
2) Mr. Leong Wing Wai (Managing Director)
3) Ms. Phang Siaw Nge (Director)
4) Ms. Leong Kam Ling (Director)

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Management Team

The management is headed by a team of professional collectively armed with years of experience in the stationery field extensively in stationery marketing and production environment. The management team comprised the following officials :-

1) Mr. Leong Wing Wai (The Managing Director)
2) Ms. Phang Siaw Nge (The Director)
3) Mr. Phang Siew Kien (The Factory Manager)
4) Mr. Phang Meng Tho (The Sales Manager)
5) Mr. Kong Chee Sum (The Branch Manager)
6) Mr. Alex Lai Eng Sing (Sales)

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The company is in the midst of its 2nd expansionary phase and welcomes any business proposal smart partnership tie-up which is mutually beneficial. All interested party (ies) are invited to establish contacts with its Management and or Sales division . All enquiries and business proposal may be directed to us by clicking here.